Any person seeking admission in NWSM shall be eligible having fulfilled the following mandatory criteria.

  1. Have passed, the MDCAT examination, conducted by the National Medical Authority, as determined by PM&DC.
  2. Obtained a Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) qualification or an equivalent 12th grade qualification as determined by PM&DC.

Provided that the mandatory eligibility requirements shall not apply to a student admitted on a special program seat pre-defined exclusively for a Federal Government program for foreign students under bilateral agreements with other countries.

Eligible candidates are required to meet the following criteria for admission into the MBBS program:

  1. Merit formula (as per PM&DC) is as under:
    1. MDCAT (50% weightage)
    2. F.Sc (Pre-Medical)/HSSE/Equivalent (40% weightage) of total marks and
    3. SSC/Matriculation/Equivalent (10% weightage) of total marks.
  2. Only the candidates, who make it to the merit list will be considered for admission.
  3. Successful candidates are required to deposit the admission fee within 72 hours, otherwise, the candidate will forfeit his/her chance of admission. Refund policy shall be according to PM&DC Rules.
  4. As per PM&DC approvals, the fee structure for the entire five years will be uploaded on the website.
  5. Student Fee shall be payable from 2nd year MBBS onward by or before 15th March of each year failing which the students registration shall be suspended and
    penalty on any late fee equivalent to ten percent of the fee for each month, the fee is delayed, shall be imposed. Any fee not paid after a delay of more than sixty days shall render the students registration to be cancelled.
  6. Fee concession will be as per PM&DC regulations.
  7. Limited number of merit scholarships is available.


  1. Admission portal opens on 3rd of July 2023.
  2. All applicants shall be upload their HSSC (or equivalent 12th grade qualification) and MDCAT results prior to 1st January 2024 failing which the application will be rejected by the college.
  3. Interim merit list will be displayed on website as and when necessary, during the process of admission.
  4. Final admission list will be made public by or before 31st January 2024 and sent to authority for review.
  5. Students’ transfer from other institutions will start on March 1, 2024, as per PM&DC regulations.
  6. Foreign students’ admission will be as per PM&DC regulations.
  7. The admission process shall be conducted through an online portal and in a transparent manner with the final merit list and admission list being provided to the authority for purpose of review and record on the date of issuance of the merit list and admissions list.
  8. Admission will be open to everyone fulfilling the criteria.
  9. Application processing fee for admission to NWSM will be Rs.2000/- (non-refundable).
  10. Hostel accommodation will be available on first come first serve basis after paying the dues.
  11. All the selected students for admission in Northwest School of Medicine and their Parents/Guardian will be required to sign and submit an affidavit on a 100 Rupees stamp paper, duly authorized by a notary public, stating that the students must abide by the following:
    1. Attendance Policy of Northwest School of Medicine.
    2. Code of Conduct for students of Northwest School of Medicine.
    3. Disciplinary rules and regulations outlined in the school’s prospectus.
    4. Anti-drug abuse, Anti-tobacco, Anti-Harassment policy of NWSM/HEC/PMDC/University.
    5. No involvement in politics/unions.
    6. Regulation 14 of PM&DC medical and dental undergraduate education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) policy and regulation 2023.
    7. i, to vi, may be amended during the course of studies and will be binding on the students.


All those admitted to MBBS program will be screened for the following before their class numbers are issued:

  1. Full Blood Count to check for anemia and other hematological disorders
  2. Chest X-Ray to check for Tuberculosis
  3. Hepatitis B, C, Covid-19 and HIV screening/Vaccination
  4. Blood and Urine Sugar to check for Diabetes

All students must have COVID-19 and Hepatitis B Vaccination.