Electives / Selectives

Policy Statement

Alliance Healthcare offers elective opportunities for medical students of Northwest and from selected accredited institutions. The policy provides guidelines and procedures for the application process, placement sites, duration of electives, and attendance policy. The elective program aims to provide students of Northwest with clinical experience in various specialties locally, nationally, and internationally. The policy ensures that the elective process is well-coordinated, structured, and provides an enriching learning experience for the students. Alliance Healthcare is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for students to gain clinical experience and enhance their medical education.

Northwest School of Medicine (NWSM) is one of the pioneering medical institutes in KPK to have introduced, for the first time, an integrated medical curriculum in view of the rapidly advancing horizons of undergraduate medical education, and the increasing importance of national and international collaborations. NWSM will provide multiple electives/selectives opportunities for medical students locally, nationally and internationally.


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the elective program offered by Alliance Healthcare. The policy aims to provide a structured and well-coordinated elective program that enables medical students to gain clinical experience in various specialties, locally, nationally, and internationally. The policy also ensures that the elective program is safe, inclusive, and enriching for students. The policy outlines the eligibility criteria, application process, placement sites, duration of electives, and attendance policy to provide clarity and transparency to students and placement sites. The policy aims to enhance the educational experience of medical students by providing them with opportunities to gain practical experience and develop their clinical skills, which will contribute to their future medical practice.

Our commitment to and investment in national and international collaborations to acquire excellence across scientific and medical disciplines will strengthen the very foundation of medical careers of our future doctors.

We aim to provide a unique academic and clinical environment for our students to experience and practice healthcare in an unfamiliar and challenging clinical settings to broaden their horizons.

The institute aims to cultivate excellent clinical skills in students and to prepare them for successful achievement of their career goals in the clinical or biomedical field of their interest.

In addition, the school aims to expose the students to the fast-paced clinical environment both locally and abroad to observe advanced and diverse array of clinical practices to challenge their clinical knowledge and an insight into how diverse sociocultural dynamics influences healthcare.

 We are taking a pragmatic approach to this effort and have successfully started collaborating with institutions and organizations at national as well as international level for formal elective and observership programs, as a unique effort to sensitize our students to the practice of medicine in an open, integrated, diverse and at world-class level.


This policy applies to all medical students of Northwest and to those from selected accredited institutions, with whom Northwest has mutual agreements, and who wish to participate in the elective program offered by Alliance Healthcare. The policy covers the entire elective process, including eligibility criteria, application process, placement sites, duration of electives, and attendance policy. The policy covers all local, national, and international placement sites where Alliance Healthcare offers electives to students. The policy also applies to the Electives Officer, Electives Committee, Departmental Electives Coordinators, Elective Supervisors/consultants and Associate Director DERIL, who are responsible for coordinating the elective program and overseeing the placement of students. The policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the elective process, including students, placement sites, and Alliance Healthcare staff. The policy is binding for all parties involved in the elective process and will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

Specialities offering Electives/Selectives at NWSM/NWGH/NWTH

Medicine & Allied

  1. Cardiology
  2. Clinical Hematology
  3. Dermatology
  4. Diabetes & Endocrinology
  5. Gastroenterology
  6. General Medicine
  7. Medical Aesthetics
  8. Medical Oncology
  9. Nephrology
  10. Neurology
  11. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  12. Ophthalmology
  13. Paediatrics
  14. Psychiatry
  15. Pulmonology
  16. Radiation Oncology
  17. Rheumatology

Surgery and Allied

  1. Anesthesia
  2. Cardiac Surgery
  3. Cardiothoracic Surgery
  4. ENT
  5. Neurosurgery
  6. Orthopedics
  7. Pediatric Surgery
  8. Plastic Surgery
  9. Urology


Students must be enrolled in an accredited medical institution and have completed at least two years of medical education to be eligible for the elective program offered by Alliance Healthcare.

  1. Students must submit an application package that includes an online application, and two letters of academic references.
  2. Applications must be submitted at least three months before the preferred elective start date.
  3. The Electives Officer will coordinate the electives process, correspondences, orientation, and placement coordination.
  4. The Electives Committee consisting of five members, chaired by Associate Director DERIL, will select, and recommend students for electives at different placement sites.

The Electives Officer is responsible for coordinating the elective program, corresponding with students and placement sites, and providing orientation to students before the start of the elective.

The Electives Committee, consisting of five members, will review the applications and select and recommend students for electives at different placement sites as mentioned in the policy statement. The committee will oversee the entire process, chaired by the Associate Director DERIL. For international elective placements, the committee will send its recommendations to Chairman Alliance Healthcare for final approval.

Alliance Healthcare has MOAs with different placement sites, both locally and internationally, where students can do electives. The placement sites have been selected based on the availability of resources, expertise, and quality of training.

  • For Northwest Students:
    • Locally, for students of Northwest, Alliance Healthcare offers selectives at Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre, and Northwest Teaching Hospital, electives at Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar, (through mutual agreements signed with these sites).
    • Nationally, students can apply for electives in different teaching hospitals as they have open application process for all medical students (no MoAs required).
    • Internationally,
      • NWSM/NWGH has MOAs with Airlangga University Surabaya Indonesia and Humanitas University Milan Italy that will provide and host Northwest students for electives.
  • For Outside Students:
    • We offer elective opportunities to all students whether from abroad or from within the country, and to students of those institutions with whom Alliance Healthcare institutions have mutual agreements signed for electives.
  • The Electives Committee will oversee the placement of students in different specialties, with a maximum of three students per elective supervisor/consultant at any given time.

The duration of the elective program varies depending on the placement site and specialty. Students must adhere to the minimum and maximum duration of electives as outlined in the Electives Manual.

  • The minimum duration for an elective is two weeks, while the maximum depends on specific specialty offerings, ideally 4 weeks.
  • Students must attend the elective for the entire duration, as per the attendance policy.

Alliance Healthcare has a comprehensive Electives Manual with detailed descriptions of specialties offering electives, placement sites, and the maximum number of students accepted in each specialty. The Electives Manual also contains detailed instructions for students, including the attendance policy, health and safety regulations, professional conduct and the elective program evaluation.

  • Students must attend the elective for the entire duration as per the schedule provided by the placement site.
  • In case of an emergency, students must inform the Departmental Elective Coordinator and the Electives Officer and the placement site.
  • Failure to attend the elective for the entire duration without prior approval will result in the revocation of the elective credit and no certificate granted.

Students will be required to provide feedback on the elective program, including the placement site, preceptor, and overall experience. The feedback will be used to improve the quality of the elective program. The placement sites will also provide feedback on the students’ performance during the elective program.

Students who successfully complete the elective program will be awarded a certificate of completion. The certificate will indicate the duration of the elective and the specialty in which the student completed the elective.


  • Students must comply with the eligibility criteria and application process outlined in the policy.
  • Students must adhere to the attendance policy and complete all assignments as required by the placement site.
  • Students must adhere to the health and safety regulations and professional conduct guidelines as outlined in the Electives Manual.
  • Students must provide feedback on the elective program, including the placement site, preceptor, and overall experience.
  1. The Electives Officer is responsible for coordinating the elective program and corresponding with students, faculty and placement sites.
  2. The Electives Officer must ensure that students are provided with adequate orientation before the start of the elective.
  3. The Electives Officer must ensure that students comply with the attendance policy and complete all assignments as required by the placement site.
  4. The Electives Officer must ensure that students adhere to the health and safety regulations and professional conduct guidelines as outlined in the Electives Manual.

Each Senior Registrar in the specific department will be the elective coordinator and responsible for:

  • Assigning elective students to specific supervisors within the department based on their chosen specialties.
  • Ensuring equitable distribution of students among supervisors to optimize learning opportunities and workload management.
  • Conducting department-specific orientations for elective students, introducing them to the department’s culture, facilities, and specific guidelines.
  • Providing information about departmental procedures, expectations, and required documentation during the elective rotation.
  • Monitoring the progress and performance of elective students throughout their rotation, ensuring compliance with departmental guidelines and objectives.
  • Conducting periodic assessments and evaluations in collaboration with supervisors to provide feedback and identify areas for improvement.
  • The Electives Committee is responsible for reviewing the applications and selecting and recommending students for electives at different placement sites.
  • The Electives Committee must oversee the entire process, including the placement of students, and ensure that the policy is being followed.
  • The Associate Director DERIL is responsible for chairing the Electives Committee and overseeing the entire process.
  • The Associate Director DERIL must ensure that the policy is being followed and that the elective program is being conducted effectively and efficiently.
  • The Associate Director DERIL must ensure that students are provided with adequate training and supervision during the elective program.

Application Process:

Applicants should begin by filling out an online application form. The form will ask for personal information, academic history, and contact information. Additionally, the form includes a section for applicants to describe their interest in the elective program and their relevant experience.

Applicants should submit a current resume or CV that includes their academic and professional experience, awards, extracurricular activities, and other relevant information.

Applicants should obtain two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to their academic or professional abilities.

After completing the application process, successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the elective program at Northwest School of Medicine.

Instructions for elective students at NWGH I & II

To ensure a smooth and successful experience, please carefully review the following arrival instructions:

    • Upon your arrival at NWGH I & II, you will meet with the Electives Officer.
    • The Electives Officer will provide you with an orientation session, important information, and instructions to kickstart your elective rotation, covering the following topics:

i.                    Overview of the elective program at NWGH I & II

ii.                  Introduction to hospital policies, rules, and regulations

iii.                Explanation of the required forms and their submission process

iv.                Guidance on how to navigate the elective experience successfully.

    • They will guide you through the process and address any questions or concerns you may have.
    • As part of the electives process, several forms and documents need to be completed and submitted.
    • These forms include:

i.                    Confidentiality Agreement (to be signed by the students)

ii.                  Student Daily Elective Activities Log (to be completed daily by the students)

iii.                Final Assessment Report Form (to be completed by the elective supervisor/consultant)

iv.                Evaluation of Elective Program (feedback forms to be completed by both the students and the elective supervisor/consultants)

*These forms will be provided to you upon arrival by the Electives Officer through emails. Please download, print, and complete them as instructed.

  • Pay close attention to the specified deadlines to ensure timely submission.
  • Submit the completed forms to the Electives Officer as instructed.
  • After meeting with the Electives Officer, you will be directed to your assigned department.
  • You will meet with the departmental electives coordinator to begin your elective rotation.
  • The coordinator will provide department-specific guidelines, expectations, and your department schedule, duties and any other additional requirements.
  • Each student will be assigned to their chosen specialty based on the provided list.
  • Elective supervisors/preceptors will be allocated to each student within their assigned specialty.
  • The elective supervisors will guide and mentor the students throughout their
  • Regular communication channels between students, elective supervisors, and coordinators will be established.
  • Students are encouraged to seek guidance and clarification from their supervisors when needed.
  • We maintain an open-door policy to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the rotation.
  • The Electives Officer and departmental elective coordinators are available for students to reach out as necessary.
  • Elective supervisors will provide continuous feedback and guidance to students during their rotation.
  • Students should maintain a daily elective activities log to track their experiences and learning.
  • Elective supervisors will complete a final assessment report form to evaluate the student’s performance.
  • Students will have the opportunity to evaluate their elective experience and the supervision they received using the evaluation of the elective program form.
  • Throughout your elective rotation, it is essential to maintain professionalism and adhere to hospital policies.
  • Respect patient confidentiality at all times and handle sensitive information with the utmost care and discretion.

Committee on Elective Clinical Rotations

(Terms of Reference for Committee on Elective Rotations at Alliance Healthcare)

Alliance Healthcare is a leading healthcare organization committed to providing high-quality medical care to its patients. As part of its mission, Alliance Healthcare offers a variety of elective rotations to medical students to enhance their educational experience and prepare them for a successful medical career.

The Committee on Elective Rotations at Alliance Healthcare is established to oversee the elective rotation program and ensure that all elective rotations meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and educational value. The committee will be responsible for developing policies and procedures for elective rotations and overseeing their implementation throughout the organization.

The Committee on Elective Rotations will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Reviewing all elective rotation programs offered by Alliance Healthcare and ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
  2. Developing policies and procedures for elective rotations that align with the organization’s mission and values.
  3. Ensuring that all elective rotations are supervised by qualified and experienced medical professionals.
  4. Developing guidelines for student selection and ensuring that all students and residents receive appropriate orientation and training before starting their elective rotations.
  5. Monitoring the educational value of elective rotations and identifying areas for improvement.
  6. Reviewing and updating the organization’s policies for evaluation of student performance during elective rotations.
  7. Conducting regular audits of elective rotation programs to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

The Committee on Elective Rotations will be composed of minimum three members.

Co-opted members may be appointed by the Chair as needed.

The Committee on Elective Rotations will report directly to the Chairman of Alliance Healthcare. The committee will provide regular updates on its activities and recommendations for improvement to the Chairman.

The Committee on Elective Rotations is established as a standing committee with no fixed duration. Its ongoing existence will be evaluated periodically by the Chairman AHL to ensure that it continues to meet the organization’s needs.


  1. Starting form 3rd year MBBS, students will be prepared and required to complete 12 weeks of electives/selectives to be granted an Elective/Selectives Completion Certificate
  2. Medical students will be required to complete a total of 8 weeks of clinical/patient contact (non-research) elective/selective time in their 3rd, 4th and 5th year of medical school.
  3. Medical students may spend a maximum of 8 weeks taking electives/selectives at another institution that is not part of the medical school’s health system or affiliated with the medical school. This can be a local rural health setting, another tertiary care hospital in another city or an international health setting
  4. Students will be provided with a list of electives/selectives offered locally, nationally and internationally after MOUs are signed with prospective partnering elective sites


A. Suggested Local/National level elective program

  1. Tertiary care teaching hospitals
  2. Rural health settings/BHUs/RHCs, primary care settings
  3. Family Medicine Electives
  4. Other provinces


B. International Elective Program

Students will go for electives abroad, preferably in the summer holidays. The dates will be specified after mutual agreement with the partnering hospital abroad.

The elective will be arranged by NWSM after mutual understanding with collaborating organizations. The host hospital will help organize accommodation; however, the students will be responsible for the different aspects of electives, including choice of placement and travel and living costs. In addition, the administrative facilitation will be provided by NWSM.

The electives will be 4-12 weeks long depending on the choice of placement by student and the time limit offered by the placement site.



  1. Electives/Selectives Application Form (Students apply for elective/selective through NWSM website. Click Here to apply)
  1. Electives/selectives worksheets/logs completed by students (submitted with DMER after completion)
  1. Summative Assessment Report Form (SARF) filled by elective/selective supervisor at chosen elective site (submitted with DMER after completion) (Download Here)
  1. Elective/Selectives Completion Certificate (Issued by DMER NWSM)



  1. Students define their professional and personal objectives to further their individual progress
  2. During the elective/selective the students will use the framework of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) to achieve their elective/selective objectives – Checklist Attached
  3. The supervisor will assess the students on 7-roles of a doctor (Medical Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Leader/Manager, Health Advocate, Scholar, Professional) at the end of elective/selective rotation using the Summative Assessment Report Form (SARF)
  1. Attend the orientation session for electives/selectives
  2. Define your professional and personal objectives for the elective/selective rotation
  3. Actively participate in all clinical learning activities happening in the chosen department/specialty
  4. Conduct yourself professionally as per NWSM Student Code of Conduct
  5. Keep a log of all your clinical encounters during elective/selective rotation
  6. Make sure your elective/selective supervisor completes your Summative Assessment Report Form (SARF)
  1. Complete and submit the Summative Assessment Report Form (SARF) of the student


Students Testimonials

To help students plan their medical career with best possible options, NWSM has a mandatory electives policy. Our students
have the option to plan their electives at different medical placement sites at local, national and international level.