Seminars on ‘The Mechanism of Student Feedback and Evaluation’
  • QEC-NWSM organized seminars on 31st Jan 2024 and 18th Dec 2023, with 1st and 2nd year students, respectively. Students were oriented on the feedback mechanism to effectively communicate their perspectives on the educational experience using prescribed proformas. Dr. Neelum Ali, focal person for QEC, NWSM, familiarized students with logging in using their IDs to access the designated feedback forms on VLE.
    By equipping students with the knowledge to communicate their perspectives, NWSM aims to foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in medical education.

  • QEC-NWSM organized a meeting with the Assessment Team on 4th July 2023, an Exit Meeting occurred where the Assessment Team shared their observations and findings according to the HEC format to QEC-NWSM. Prof. Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman, Advisor Quality Assurance, Higher Education Department, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Prof. Dr. Niaz Muhammad, Kabir Medical College, Peshawar participated as External Evaluators. The Assessment Team recognized several strengths of the MBBS Program and expressed appreciation for the college

1st Meeting on Laboratory Manuals
  • QEC-NWSM has arranged a meeting regarding the review and check of Laboratory Manuals on 2nd June, 2023 at Principal Secretariat. The purpose of this meeting was to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our laboratory manuals and make necessary revisions.Prof. Dr. Noor-ul-Iman discussedthe current laboratory manuals and identified the areas for improvement. He suggested that the Laboratory Manuals should be available online and requested the faculty to prepare and upload Laboratory Manuals on VLE so that the students receive the best possible practical education.

2nd Meeting on Laboratory Manuals Uploading to Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • QEC-NWSM has arranged a meeting about the reviewand uploading of Laboratory Manuals to Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) on 9th June 2023, under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Noor-ul-Iman. This meeting wasarranged to ensure the quality of laboratory manuals and their availability to students through VLE. Dr. Noor-ul-Iman discussed the content and process for uploading laboratory manuals to the VLE to enhance the learning experience for students
3 consecutive tutorial sessions on "Self-Assessment Report Writing"
  • Self-Assessment is the major tool to assess, improve and promote quality of learning and education and ensure high academic standards. In this connection, QEC-NWSM has conducted a Tutorial Session on ‘Self-Assessment Report (SAR) Writing’ with the program team members and HoDs of different departments on 26th of May 2023, at the Principal Secretariat. Criterion 5, 7 & 8 of the SAR were finalized by Prof. Dr. Noor-ul-Iman Principal-NWSM and were submitted to the QEC by the corresponding program team member.
  • A tutorial session was arranged by QEC-NWSM for the Program Team members, held on 25th of May 2023, at Principal Secretariat. Relevant data on faculty, students, libraries, laboratories and infrastructure were collected and compiled by the participants during the session. Prof. Dr. Noor-ul-Iman discussed and reviewed various components (Criterions 2, 4, 6, 7 & 8) of the Self-Assessment Report.
  • A tutorial session was organized by Dr. Neelum Ali, Focal person QEC-NWSM for the Program Team members to prepare the SAR by responding to each criterion/standard given in the Self-Assessment Manual and integrating the collected information/data. The session was held on 24th of May 2023, under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Noor-ul-Iman at the Principal Secretariat.
A Seminar on "Role of QEC in undergrad Medical School"
  • QEC-NWSM has conducted a seminar on the “Role of QEC in undergrad Medical School” on 18th May 2023, at Principal Secretariat with the Basic and Clinical Sciences faculty.
    Dr. Shazia Sadaf was the resource person for the seminar. She addressed participants of the seminar that Brightspace VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is a robust online learning management system developed by D2L, designed to facilitate and manage online courses and training programs. She focused on course management, content creation and delivery, communication and collaboration tools, assessment and feedback mechanisms, personalization and adaptive learning capabilities, as well as analytics, reporting functionalities, and reinforcement of student concepts at the educational institute. She emphasized the development of curriculum, planning, and rubric planning before the academic commences. She also added different features on Brightspace which were student and faculty friendly.
    She also emphasized mandatory training for the faculty on IT skills and talked about the academic features of Brightspace which works for counseling cells for the students. She shared the functions of the digital library linked with students and faculty ID’s.
    In the seminar, Northwest shared its learning management system and features with the resource person which she appreciated and give some commendable remarks on such progress.
2 consecutive tutorial sessions on "Self-Assessment Report Writing"
  • QEC-NWSM has arranged Tutorial Sessions on ‘Self-Assessment Report (SAR) Writing’ to facilitate Program Team members on 9th & 19th of May 2023 at Principal Secretariat. Prof. Dr. Noor-ul-Iman Principal-NWSM, chaired the sessions and briefed participants on how to appropriately deal with each criterion of the SAR. Program Team members from Basic & Clinical Sciences attended the tutorial sessions.
  • QEC Meeting

    A meeting was organized by QEC-KMU with Deans/Principals/Directorsof all affiliated colleges under the chairmanship of Vice ChancellorKMU, on February 08, 2023 at 11:00 am.

    Dr. Bilqis Hassan (DME) and Dr. Neelum Ali (Focal person QEC) attended and fully participated in the meeting along with the Deans, Directors, Principals, Focal persons and faculty members from all the affiliated (public and private) colleges of KMU. Director QEC-KMU Dr. Asiya Bukhari discussed the ‘Targets accomplished by the affiliated colleges/institutes for the year 2022 and Targets set for the year 2023 for QECs of affiliated colleges/institutes’ in detail.

    Vice-Chancellor KMU Prof. Dr. Zia-Ul-Haq said that more than two hundred affiliated institutes of KMU are part of our existence and raising their overall quality is our top priority. He said that the purpose of today’s meeting is to establish a quality enhancement cell in all affiliated institutions as well as to provide guidance regarding international standards of quality in all sectors. He further discussed that the common goal of all of us is to prepare the best medical personnel by providing quality medical education in the province, which will result in revolutionary changes in the health delivery system. 

    In the ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor and Director QEC answered the various questions of the participants and assured them that all possible guidance and support will be provided by the KMU for Best Quality Practices.
  • Orientation 
    Orientation sessions were organized for MBBS 2nd Year and 1st year students by QEC, NWSM under Quality & Patient Safety Program (QPSP) on 2nd and 24th January 2023, respectively, followed by Assessment and Feedback.Resource Persons of the session were Dr. Neelum Ali, Rida Iftikhar, Mr. Rehmat Ali and Mr. Mubassir Khan.
  • QPSP/OHS&E Trainings

    QPSP/OHS&E Trainings for MBBS 1st Year and 3rd Year students by QEC, NWSM under Quality & Patient Safety Program (QPSP) on 26th and 27th January 2023, respectively, followed by Assessment and Feedback.

The Resource Persons of the session were Ms. Rida Iftikhar/Fakhria, and Mr. Imdadullah.

Students were oriented on:

    • International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs)
    • Hospital Waste Management
    • Fire and Safety
    • Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation
    • Deep Cleaning
    • Donning and Doffing of PPEs
    • Spill Kit and CSSD
  • QEC-NWSM organized a meeting/training session for HoDs on ‘ISO Certification and Requirements’, held on 14 November, 2022 at Principal Secretariat, NWSM to facilitate and discuss ISO Certification and documentation management to meet ISO requirements.
  • QEC officials, the Infection Control Team and Director Lab attended a Webinar on “Northwest laboratory related Hospital Acquired Infection and role of Microbiologist” delivered by IFC consultant Dr. Manuel Salvador on 1 September, 2022 from 9:30 pm-11 pm.
  • QEC officials, infection control team and Director lab attended a Webinar on “Northwest laboratory related Hospital Acquired Infection” delivered by IFC consultant Dr. Manuel Salvador on 10 August, 2022 from 9:30 pm-11 pm
  • QEC officials and the Infection Control Team attended a Webinar on “Hospital Acquired Infections” delivered by IFC consultant Dr. Joseph on 27July, 2022 from 2:30pm-4:30pm
  • QEC officials attended a Webinar on “Patient Safety and Incident Management” delivered by IFC consultant Dr. Ajibike on 6 July, 2022 from 1pm-6pm.
  • QEC officials attended a meeting at Khyber Medical University (KMU) on 25 November, 2021 to discuss QEC Activity Calendar/ Targets QEC/ HEC for Year 2021-22.