Principal’s Message

Welcome to Northwest School of Medicine (NWSM).

Year 2020 reminded us yet again that change is inevitable, and we must be fully prepared to quickly adapt to the changing needs of medical profession. I am extremely proud to be the Principal of NWSM in a time of unpredictable change, as well as opportunities, to drive the school towards unwavering success for our students and faculty, and most importantly towards our primary obligation to meet the health needs of the community we serve. We at NWSM are committed to achieve excellence and, therefore, have taken pragmatic steps to progress in the right direction. We are fully equipped with robust technology and an efficient Virtual Learning Environment to provide uninterrupted learning to our students. We also take pride in providing conducive, safe, and respectful learning and work environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

NWSM offers a wide array of basic, essential clinical and subspecialty disciplines with highly specialized laboratories, cyber-anatomy, skills and simulation center to train our students and further the institution’s academic mission. We have a committed faculty that play a fundamental role in guiding our students while they begin to navigate the school. Appropriate supervision is provided both in basic medical subjects and clinical training at all levels of learning for students to become life-long self-directed learners with critical thinking, problem-solving and sound clinical judgment.

Our commitment is that through innovation we will advance medical teaching by integrating education, research, and social accountability to train our students at par with international standards to become global health leaders. We have introduced learner-centered innovative teaching methodologies, policies, and committees to prioritize curricular reforms, mentorship, research, student health and wellness. Moreover, through the outreach community-based placements, electives, selectives, and shadowing programs etc. we provide our students with pertinent career planning choices right from the outset of their medical careers.

NWSM is growing up as an established medical school with futuristic vision to cultivate world-leading medical graduates with commitment, ingenuity, and innovation to represent our mission worldwide. We consider it as our prime responsibility to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff progress in their professional development. To uphold the highest standards of medical ethics and professionalism, our school’s Code of Conduct personifies the trust individuals, community and society have in doctors. We are excited to roll-out our very first batch of MBBS graduates this year, and we are truly proud of our immense progress in medical education and our students’ academic standards and professional development in such short span of time. We at NWSM will spare no effort to keep supporting our students and faculty. We will continue to progress, make an everlasting difference, and grow stronger with the support of these young professionals when they become part of the NWSM Alumni.

Prof. Dr. Noor Ul Iman

MRCP (Eire), FRCP (Eire), FRCP (Edn)
Fellow European Board of Gastroenterology

Principal, NWSM