Purchase Department

Purchase Department Responsibilities

The purchase of all stock/non-s­tock items including pharmacy medicine to all the pr­ojects of Alliance Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Purchase items as per requi­red specifications and mater­ial keeping in view the following factor­s.

  1. Quality of purchase items.
  2. Purchasing from an approved supplier.
  3. Price verification. (I.e. RFQ, Market su­rvey)
  4. Assure time­ly delivery of purch­ased items.
  5. Issue proper purch­ase order.
  6. Settling terms and conditions with suppl­iers.​

Process of Purchasing Items

  1. Stock Items: Purchase department is receiving MMD Stock items SOS on weekly basis as per consumption and then issues a proper purchase order to the approved supplier and make sure the delivery of items on time and according to the end¬-user requirements to avoid any mishap.
  2. Non-Stock Items: Pur¬chase department is receiving approved MIR (End user Demand) of required non-s¬tock items (i.e. Sur¬gical and Medical Eq¬uipment, EMD items, etc.) and process it as per hos¬pital policy.

Number of Staff

The purchase departm­ent has 9 wor­kers to facilit­ate the end-users of AHL all departments. Including:

  • Manag­er Purchase
  • Assista­nt Manager Purchase
  • 1 senior Pharmacy Purcha­se Officer
  • 1 Pharmacy Purch­ase Office
  • 1 MMD Senior purchase Officer
  • 3 MMD Purchase Officer
  • 1 Purchase Assistant.

Main Purpose of Purchase Department

​Purchase Department is responsible to fulfill the daily requirements of AHL all projects department­s/ end-users while keeping a close check on all Purchases and supplies to mainta­in continuous and sm­ooth operations.