Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department at North West General Hospital is employee-centric and responsible for the creation, implementation, and overseeing of organization policies and requirements.  Recruitment strategies, skill management, payroll, crisis/conflict management, and training & development among others are just a few functions the department effectively performs for day to day functioning of the hospital.

The HR Department recognizes importance of its most valuable asset: people. It is essential for any healthcare entity to engage in constant improvement and the HR Department plays a key role in the well-being and stability of NWGH, efficiently. It is always on standby for the safety and welfare of its employees, and upholding legal and ethical standards.

There are 17 HR personnel working at AHL and its subsidiaries, overlooking approximately 2,000 employees, effectively.



S. No Name Position
1. Mr. Noman J. Khan Snr. Manager HR AHL
2. Mr. Faisal Ahmad Assist. Manager HR & Admin NWSM
3. Mr. Yasir Hayat HR Officer NWSM & Admin NWSM
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