Hostel Facilities

Hostel accommodation is available to outstation students, on strict selection criteria. Separate male and female hostels are located in the NWSM campus. Residents of the hostels are provided full access to the campus and can visit the library and the cafeteria in accordance with established rules and regulations. There are furnished study rooms, common rooms, TV lounges, etc. in the premises of the hostels.

Hostel Policies

In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them. These are:


  1. Residence in Hostels is a privilege and not a right. Since accommodation in hostels is limited, the NWSM/NWIHS Authorities may therefore not be able to provide accommodation to all applicants.
  2. All students seeking admission in the hostel shall submit an affidavit/undertaking to abide by these regulations.
  3. Students who have joined NWSM/NWIHS for the first time shall apply for a seat in the hostels on prescribed form obtainable from Student Affairs Section on payment.
  4. The Chief Provost will allot seats in hostel to students of the NWSM/NWIHS subject to approval of Principal NWSM and COO NWIHS, provided accommodation is available.
  5. The existing students of the NWSM and NWIHS, seeking fresh admission/readmission to a hostel, shall apply to the concerned Assistant provost, who shall recommend their applications to the Chief Provost if he/she considers it desirable and subject to the availability of seats.
  6. The Chief Provost has the right to refuse admission to a student whose past record in the hostel is not satisfactory.
  7. Students are required to deposit hostel dues in advance at the beginning of each session failing which their room’s allotment shall be cancelled.
  8. Failed students are also required to deposit hostel dues in advance.
  9. After admission to a hostel, the resident student shall come under the disciplinary control of the hostel management.
  10. A student who fails to turn up within seven days of the allotment of a hostel seat or a student who after occupying the hostel seat deliberately leaves it without the knowledge of the wardens/assistant provosts shall forfeit his/her seat.
  11. Hostel room once allotted can only be changed with the permission of the Assistant Provosts.
  12. Residents may be permitted to leave the hostels after obtaining clearance certificate from the respective wardens/assistant provosts counter signed by the Chief Provost.
  1. Residents shall abide by the hostel regulations. Violations of any regulation or order issued by the management shall render a resident liable to fine even expulsion from the hostel or to such other action; as the management may consider necessary.
  2. Allowing any unauthorized guest in room by a resident shall be considered as breach of hostel rules and shall be fined heavily or his/her seat will be cancelled. In case of noncompliance a fine of Rs. 5000/ per guest per night will be charged from resident student in addition to disciplinary action taken by hostel administration.
  3. Possession or bringing in to the hostel any weapons, drugs, intoxicants and explosives are strictly prohibited. Similarly guests/visitors with any of the above mentioned items shall not be allowed to enter the hostel.
  4. Possession and use of speakers, electric heater and landline phone are prohibited in the hostel. If the hostel administration found any student involved in cyber-crimes, the hostel administration has the right to render the said student to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Cyber-crimes include the miss-use of internet such as other personal video/picture, uploading hacking other personal data/account, immoral/unethical SMS/MMS.
  5. Hostel administration will not be responsible for any loss or damage to valuables and cash money.
  6. No resident/student should sublet hostel room to an unauthorized person/student otherwise his seat will be cancelled without any refund.
  7. No outsider shall be allowed to stay in the hostels as guest.
  8. The following timings shall be observed for hostel gates:

    Month (Duration)






    1st April to 30th September

    07:00 AM

    11:00 PM

    1st October to 31st March

    07:00 AM

    10:00 PM

  9. No resident shall be allowed to place any notice, placard, posters, and wall chalking or other material of any nature anywhere in the hostel premises.
  10. Societies, committees or clubs can be formed in the hostels with the permission of the Chief Provost as and when required subject to fulfilling the condition and rules framed by the NWSM administration from time to time.
  11. No magazine, journal or other printed material shall be placed in the common room and masjid without the prior permission of the Chief Provost.
  12. Meetings and other functions in the hostel can only be held with the prior written permission of the Wardens/Assistant Provosts.
  13. Residents damaging or destroying any hostel property shall be required to pay for the damages and shall also be liable to fine.
  14. Keeping of private servants are not allowed in the hostels.
  15. Entry of female students to male hostel is not allowed.
  16. Hostel furniture and dining room utensils shall not be removed by the residents from their designated places.
  17. Each hostel shall have a team of housekeeping lead by Supervisor, appointed by the Chief Provost, on the recommendation of the Wardens/Assistant provosts. Each supervisor will be in-charge of a wing in the hostel, which shall assist the hostel management in the maintenance of discipline, and ensuring cleanliness in his wing. Housekeeping supervisors should be responsible, impartial and senior staff.
  18. The Warden in consultation with the Assistant Provosts/Chief Provost shall deal with all cases of indiscipline or breach of regulations and orders relating to hostel affairs.
  19. Hostel fines shall be registered in the Chief Provost Office and realized through the accounts office of NWSM. This amount shall be credited under the head “hostel establishment fund”.
  20. Residents shall keep their rooms neat and tidy. The Chief Provost may request senior/top management to inspect the rooms periodically.
  21. All cases of indiscipline in the hostels will be dealt by the Hostel discipline Committee (H.D.C) to be constituted by the Chief Provost and approved by the Principal NWSM.
  22. Residents shall park their cars, motorcycles and bicycles at specified parking in the basement in NWTH on their own risk and responsibility.
  23. Each resident shall be provided with a bed, a table and a chair and he/she shall be responsible for their loss or breakage.
  24. Residents shall bring complaints against the hostel to the notice of the Wardens/Assistant Provosts and shall not deal with the Principal NWSM, Vice principal administration NWSM, and Chief Provost directly on their own.
  1. Every resident undertaking study in NWSM and NWIHS shall pay hostel dues in advance at the time of admission.
  2. Mess dues if any shall be charged on actual basis from the students
  3. Generator facility shall be provided during night (8p.m onwards) in summer only. Dues are subject to changes with time if needed.
  1. Hostel mess is managed by students themselves under the supervision of Wardens/Assistant Provosts.
  2. Each hostel shall have a Mess Committee consisting of the Chief Provost as Chairman, the Assistant Provosts, and three representatives of the resident students, recommended by the Warden/assistant provost and appointed by Chief Provost in the beginning of each academic year. The mess committee shall select a student as its secretary, who shall be responsible for managing the mess, under the direction of the Warden/assistant provosts and the mess committee. The mess committee shall prepare a weekly menu; prescribe quantity of food items required, depending upon the number of the students.
  3. The contract of supply of food will be awarded to contractor by the Mess committee subject to the approval of the Principal NWSM, as per rules of the AHL. However the Chief Provost with the consent of Mess committee and Principal NWSM have the right to cancel any contract as and when he is dissatisfied with the performance of the contractor. In case of complaint by the students and concerned warden, the Chief Provost can cancel the contract at any time and award the contract to a person of good reputation.
  4. Meals shall be taken in the dining hall between the hours fixed for each meal. No meal will be served in a room of a resident unless he/she is sick.
  5. Residents are required to come to the dining hall in proper dress.
The following study hours should be observed and all kind of disturbances should be avoided.

Winter 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m
Summer 9:30 p.m to 12:30 a.m

The Chief Provost in will notify exit and entry timings of hostel gates as per College Academic Calendar.

  1. Male visitors are not allowed inside the Girls Hostel.
  2. Residents are not allowed to invite female guests for casual meals inside the hostel premises.
  3. No outsiders shall be allowed to stay in the Girls Hostel.
  1. All leave applications, complaints, etc. related to hostel matters shall be submitted to the Wardens/assistant provosts.
  2. Students should get their application signed from the Wardens/assistant provosts before going out.
  3. Only parents or guardian (authorized visitors) are allowed to visit their daughter/wards only in the dedicated Faculty lounge in NWSM cafeteria.
  4. Night attendance of the residents will be recorded daily on the closing hours every day.
  5. Weekly checkup of the resident’s room will be done on every Friday by the Wardens/assistant provosts. Residents shall be fined for untidiness of rooms.
  6. No female student shall accompany any tour group except her own department group, of which the HOD concerned shall write to the Chief Provost Office, otherwise no permission shall be granted to the female students to leave hostel. Apart from this prior permission of the parents/guardian is mandatory. Her safe return to the hostel shall be the responsibility of the said department/institute.
  7. Every boarder must submit names of parents and guardians (authorized visitors) signed by her parents/guardians along photocopies of their National Identity Cards, can visit female student.
  8. Authorized visitors will be allowed to visit their ward during the following timings. Students must inform the authorized visitors to observe the timings.





    Saturday & Sunday



    8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


    8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

  9. College functions may be attended by the residents after permission is granted by the Warden/Assistant Provost (female).
  10. Permission for going home must be obtained one day in advance. The resident must sign the register giving the time of departure, place of visit and the time of return. She must also sign the register on her return with time.
  11. After closing hours of the NWSM/NWIHS the girls students shall directly come to the hostel.
  1. Hostels will remain closed during the summer vacation. All residents shall be liable to vacate the hostels immediately as and when notified.
  2. Research Students residing in the hostels who desire to stay in the Hostel during summer break shall have to provide a valid recommendation/justification from the concerned supervisor duly signed by the concerned department head and approved by Principal NWSM for NWSM students and COO NWIHS for NWIHS students.

“All the Rules and Regulations regarding Admissions, Hostels Accommodation, Discipline & other rules and Regulations shall equally apply on all the resident students of NWSM and NWIHS, at whatever level they are and in whichever year admitted in NWSM and NWIHS.”