Mr. Taimoor Saleem Khan Jhagra distributed Scholarships and Certificates to NWSM students

Minister for Finance and Health, Mr. Taimoor Saleem Khan Jhagra distributed Scholarships and Certificates to Position holders and Graduated MBBS students of NWSM.
Northwest School of Medicine on its outstanding achievement of first batch MBBS in Prof Final Examination KMU, organized a ceremony to appreciate the students who stood on top three positions also certificates has been distributed by Mr. Taimoor Khan Jhagra, among students who has successfully qualified the BLS, ICP and QPS trainings.
For the first time in history of medical colleges students of NWSM had pre-house job training on Basic Life Support, Infection Control and prevention, and Quality and Patient safety.
At the end scholarships has been distributed among top three MBBS position holders, where Hira Zahid took First in NWSM and second in all over KP, Sundas Ali Khan secured second position and Hoor Sajjad Kakakhel got third in NWSM.
Certificates for successfully qualified pre-house job trainings BLS, QPS and IPC has been distributed among 90 MBBS graduates.


1. Vacant seats, arising due to any reason, shall be uploaded on website, for wide dissemination, with intimation to Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and University.

2. Students already admitted in PMC registered institution may apply directly to principal, NWSM.

3. Students in foreign country may apply subject to NOC from PMC.

4. In case of more than one applicant, the vacant seat will be offered to the candidate according to the following criteria:

(a) For transfer in 1st Year MBBS, MDCAT score would determine merit.

(b) For transfer in 2nd Year MBBS and onward classes the result of last professional exam
will be considered for merit.

(c) For transfer from foreign country NEB score will be considered for merit.

5. For transfer in 2nd year MBBS NOC from University would be required as there exist no university’s policy for the transfer in 2nd year.


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