Workshop on MCQ Construction Enhances Faculty Skills in Assessment Techniques


A workshop on MCQs construction was held on Monday, 27th May 2024, as part of the Faculty Development Program by the Department of Medical Education (DME).

Since MCQs are the primary tool used to assess the knowledge component of Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational outcomes, considerable attention is given to crafting well-constructed MCQs. The core focus of the workshop was to train clinical faculty on identifying and minimizing technical flaws and Pathology within the MCQs, ultimately enhancing the e-MCQs bank for upcoming assessments. The workshop concluded with a hands-on activity where participants developed higher cognition level MCQs designed to stimulate critical thinking in students. The outcome of the workshop was overwhelmingly positive, and faculty members expressed their appreciation for the efforts of Principal NWSM and Team DME in tailoring an effective faculty development program.


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